Why not React?

CTO UI is a system that looks and feels a lot like React. So why not use React directly? There are many reasons, but let's start by understanding the differences between CTO UI and React:

  • React is a complete ecosystem that allows you to create absolutely anything you want on the web. CTO UI, on the contrary, is specifically designed for CTO, and can't do anything else.
  • React is very easily extensible, as it is centered around the concept of components, so there are open-source libraries for almost any React component. CTO UI only comes with pre-built components, and despite the fact that it is extensible, the community is not big enough to compete with React.
  • React is a well-oiled, heavy machine, far from the DOM that allows it to be so versatile. CTO UI is light, extremely close to the DOM, and is specifically designed to make CTO plugins.

So why CTO UI?

By using CTO UI, we have our hands on the entire interface, and you only need to focus on the algorithm. For most plugins, you'll only have to use the pre-designed components. This has a lot of advantages:

  • The team that manages CTO can optimize all plugins at once by optimizing CTO UI for example. Or even fix bugs faster and more efficiently if the number of plugins grows.
  • This can also allow, in the future, to extend the plugins to new platforms, other than the web by having to convert only the system behind CTO UI and not to redesign all the plugins.
  • CTO UI is smaller and faster than React. And its API is also much simpler, allowing plugin designers to focus only on the algorithm, not on the interface.